Careers - MACSS


There’s Strength in Numbers

We want you to get to work on solving the challenges facing private industry, public institutions, government agencies, and society at large. Job opportunities for data analysts are proliferating as data analytics spreads from the tech sector to agriculture, consumer services, finance, government, manufacturing, and nonprofits. The MaCSS program makes career training and job placement a core part of the curriculum, not an afterthought. In addition to giving you the tools for better data analysis, we want to help you find the best place to use them.

Social data has great potential to improve the efficiency and quality of a wide range of services and products across tech, nonprofit, government, and healthcare, making jobs that require a master’s degree in data and computational science in high demand. MaCSS graduates will be qualified for in-demand positions, including:

  • Data Analyst 
  • Business Intelligence Specialist 
  • Product Analysis Specialist 
  • Client Services Analyst 
  • UX/UI Researcher 
  • Marketing Strategy Specialist 
  • Sales Analysis Specialist

Career-Development Support

To help prepare students for a successful job search, MaCSS students will benefit from:

  • practical application of computing and statistics to social data throughout the curriculum; 
  • a capstone project where students analyze data from a sponsor organization to answer pressing questions; 
  • 2 career development courses; and
  • 1-on-1 career advising to provide individual guidance and coaching throughout the job-search, job-application, and recruiting processes. 

MaCSS graduates will be prepared for positions as data analysts with a healthy skepticism regarding data quality, along with a toolkit for working with imperfect data.